Hello Tea Summer Refreshments Time

We all know that the summers can be stifling hot. One of our favorite things to do here at Hello Tea is to lounge by the poolside or at the beach with a refreshing tea drink. Instead of spending all your money on those fancy schmancy refreshers from Starbucks, why don’t you try some of our products to cool off with?
pink picnic iced tea drink nature
One of our adored customers had a similar idea with our Hibiscus & Rose Herbal Tea. She decided to experiment with some chilly french soda! We loved the idea so much we wanted to tell all of our other customers about it too!
To check out her recipe, head over to Emily’s website 
 and read her French Soda blog post. Also, you can see more of her pictures at her Instagram page. Feel free to experiment with your own cool-down summer refreshment ideas and tell us about them!
summer picnic powdery pink pillows hat
pink picnic blanket iced drinks nature
iced tea drink in mason jar

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