Love Your Sore Body

So we all know that summertime is the best time to keep that beach body in shape. Whether you actively engage in some yoga, or you train in CrossFit or HIIT Training, it can be awesome to break a sweat when you get the results you want. The only downside that we all hate is waking up to the soreness and painfully stiff muscles the next morning. Not the greatest wake-up call, ouch! But here at Hello Tea, we have five easy ways to avoid and lessen the pain the next morning.

  1. Try a contrast shower
    hello tea hot shower outside
    So we know that after a great workout you might be craving a hot shower. Although that may make you feel amazing, a contrast shower would be truly beneficial for your body. At the very end of your steamy shower, turn the water on cold for a few minutes. The sudden change in temperature helps increase blood flow and circulation. (P.S. Also, it is good for your skin by opening up your pores).

  2. Establish a cool-down ritual
    You probably are super exhausted after your workout and just feel like collapsing but don’t! Gradually bring yourself down from your strenuous activity by doing some lightweight exercises and stretching. Learn to slow your breath and breathe deeply while doing some easy movements in order to stretch all the muscle groups that you just worked out.

  3. Take an Epsom salt bath
    hello tea epsom bath
    An Epsom salt bath can help decrease muscle inflammation while also giving you some “me time” to relax in the tub. Not to mention the way toxins are flushed from your muscles and the improvement of nerve function.

  4. Have a full meal
    Some say that food is the answer to all problems. In this case, having a full meal two hours after your workout can help replenish the nutrients your body needs and your muscles.

  5. Have a cup of tea!
    hello tea girl drinking a cup of green tea
    One of our personal favorites…as usual. Green tea is known to be a great natural anti- inflammatory filled with antioxidants. Not only will your body love you after having a cup of tea, but your taste buds will be happy as well.

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