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by Alina Dombrovska |

hello tea turmeric ginger elixir
Have you heard of  Turmeric Ginger Tea and wondered, “what is ALL the hype about”?
Maybe you have had it before and your taste buds were not happy with you. Or maybe, you just simply love it.
Well, here at Hello Tea, we believe it may be that time in your life to put your health first and try something new [or shall we say old].

Just in case you didn’t know


This ancient plant and its root have an all-around-healing Agent called Curcumin.
Not only is Curcumin in secret competition with ibuprofen - for its anti-inflammatory reasons - but it also has the ability to sabotage those evil cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the
For centuries Turmeric has been used for every health benefit that you could think of.
From a sore ankle, to regulating blood pressure.
So, if you are suffering from arthritis, bloating, headaches, etc., your body may be in need of this wonderful plant.


The root of all Gingerol.
Gingerol is the oily resin found in Ginger root that contains the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants ingredients.
From those ingredients, we have health benefits for:
malabsorption, immunity, bacterial and fungal infections, ulcers and acid reflux, diabetes, cholesterol - to name a few.

So what’s inside Hello Tea’s Turmeric Ginger Elixir Tea?

Pairing Turmeric with Ginger is like pairing Laverne with Shirley; they just work.
Being part of the same root family, you can see why, together, they make other teas jealous.

Inside our Hello Tea Turmeric Ginger Elixir Tea, you’ll find:
organic ginger root
organic turmeric root
organic licorice root
organic lemongrass
organic orange peel
organic lemon peel
essential orange and lemon oils

The citrus blend of peels and oils added to the main show, that which is Turmeric and Ginger, calls for a delightful caffeine-free health potion of your own.

Say Hello to Health

- Marianne Saa for Hello Tea

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