Teatox: Prepare Your Body for Fall

Summer is finally drawing to a close and soon enough the comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks are going to be pulled out of storage. There are many ways that we all prepare for the new fall season coming up, but one way to prepare your body for fall is a “teatox”. Here at Hello Tea, we want to tell you about our herbal tea detox and why you should consider a “teatox” to help transition into the new season ahead. There are many benefits of a herbal tea detox… but first, the low down.

herbal tea in a clear glass cup

The reason why a “teatox” is good for you is because it will help detox your organs for a happier, healthier body. Our bodies aren’t very happy when it is clogged.

loose leaf tea in cups saucers on the marble table

Now for the benefits... A “teatox” supports a stronger immune system, helps boost energy, improves your skin, and it makes your hair stronger. Your immune system gets stronger during and after a detox because when doing a detox in general, you help clear your organs so they can perform the functions they are supposed to do. Thus, you can absorb nutrients better. All in all, this contributes to more energy in your day to day life. Your skin is actually your largest organ, believe it or not. During a detox, all the toxins are flushed out of the body and the main functioning organs are unclogged. So, it would only make sense that your skin would clear up because the toxins that could be lurking there would be expelled. When one part of your body is affected by a healthy change, normally the other parts of your body and bodily systems will follow because everything is connected. During a “teatox” there have been instances where your hair gets stronger because it is growing and being strengthened from the lack of harmful toxins in your body.

loose leaf herbal tea on the marble in wooden plate

But how to do this teatox you may ask? Here at Hello Tea we suggest either a 7 day, 14 day, or 28 day teatox. The first thing you start with is a cup of tea every morning for your daily energy and metabolism stimulant. Then you end every other day with a cup of tea at night for the cleanse part of the teatox. Not only will the teatox help prepare you for the new season, but when you combine it with regular exercise and better eating habits you will see results and feel better about yourself even sooner! If want your body to thank you, try detox with our herbal tea that we have here. And let us know how you liked it and how your body has thanked you!

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