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Stand up pouch of Hello Tea English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea
girl laying in bed holding a pouch of English Breakfast tea in one hand and the cup with steeped tea in another hand
Close-up picture of Hello Tea English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea
Stand up pouch of Hello Tea English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea




Recently, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II celebrated her 93rd birthday! The secret of her longevity is a well-planned daily routine, moderate physical activity, healthy food, and of course, tea. Every morning the queen begins with a refreshing, black tea without sugar and milk. And during the day she can drink up to 5 cups of tea.

Our English Breakfast organic tea tastes delightful, but it also offers a myriad of health benefits:

  • reduces stress, as the amino acid L-theanine works to help you concentrate, while allowing your body to relax and rest
  • those who drink 3 or more cups of black tea per day have a 21% lower risk of stroke
  • other health benefits include but are not limited to cancer prevention, lowering the risk of diabetes, improved oral health, and stronger bones!

Ingredients (Organic Black Tea)
Organic black tea

Caffeine Level

How To Steep
While brewing your tea, it’s essential to consider your personal preferences, sweeteners such as honey, sugar, and milk should be added to your liking. To create the ideal cup of English Breakfast tea, warm your water to 200F. Then, steep 1 tbsp of leaves per 8 ounces of water for approximately 4-5 minutes and voila, your new go-to cup of tea is ready for sipping!


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