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Stand up pouch of Hello Tea Precious White Loose Leaf Tea
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Close-up picture of Hello Tea Precious White Loose Leaf Tea
Stand up pouch of Hello Tea Precious White Loose Leaf Tea




White tea is considered one of the most expensive and exquisite types of tea. Only young white buds and the top leaves of the tea bush are used to produce this tea. This makes it possible to preserve the maximum amount of useful antioxidants.

Legends about the origin of white tea were beautifully described by Lam Kam Chuen in his book "The Way of Tea." According to one of the legends, a woman named Lan Wu once had a dream about a miraculous plant, the drink from which was supposed to save the city from a measles epidemic. The woman woke up and went to the mountains in search of a plant. And when she found it, the decoction of the leaves really cured people of a terrible disease.

Abundant in antioxidants, Precious White is a wellness tea that can:

  • reduce your risk of heart disease, fight off cancerous cells, and combat or slow the aging process
  • also, white teas such as Precious White contains catechins that are also known to fight inflammation and suppress free radicals, helping to prevent the breakdown of your bones, a condition most commonly known as Osteoporosis
  • Precious White tea can help protect your teeth from bacteria and aid with weight loss!
Ingredients (Organic White Tea)

Organic white tea

Caffeine Level

How To Steep
To brew the perfect cup of Precious White tea, warm your water to 185F. Use 1 tbsp of tea leaves per every 8 ounces of water and steep leaves approximately 4 minutes for the first infusion and 5 minutes for your second infusion. Add any honey or sugar to taste, and you’re ready to enjoy!


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