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We offer organic loose leaf tea and monthly tea subscription boxes.

"Wellness in every cup delivered to you monthly."
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My name is Alina and thank you for visiting Hello Tea :) 

When I came to the United States from Ukraine, I could not find wholesome and organic tea that I was used to. After trying different teas, I decided to launch a wellness company that allows others to find their best fit tea. I was searching for the way to make it easier to discover and learn about tea in an affordable and fun way while giving people the opportunity to try new teas each month.


Inspired by tea culture from all walks of life, Hello Tea offers unique tea blends crafted from all over the world.
We help women find, brew, and enjoy their perfect cup of tea while taking the time to practice self-love!

We share ways to practice self-love with our blog posts on the health benefits of teas, which teas fit your specific needs, weekly wellness tips for a healthier lifestyle, and how to pair your favorite teas with your favorite activities,
Our teas are simple and easy to enjoy.


Here at Hello Tea, we have created a selection of organic premium quality wellness teas just for you!

If you’d like to try some of our wholesome teas, you may simply subscribe to our HELLO TEA SUBSCRIPTION BOX or place an order for a specific tea this link here.

Each subscription box, curated by me, I personally choose the teas of the month and include personally signed notes for every package.

Join Hello Tea Club because we believe it's easy to be healthy!