MOROCCAN MINT - Hello Tea - Loose Leaf Tea
MOROCCAN MINT - Hello Tea - Loose Leaf Tea
MOROCCAN MINT - Hello Tea - Loose Leaf Tea


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Organic Green Tea
Our Moroccan Mint tea is an organic blend created with high-quality peppermint leaves and green tea. This is not just any green tea, this unique creation offers a delicious hint of jasmine that adds a complex taste to soothe the soul. Complimentary to the jasmine, the bright peppermint flavor gives that extra oomph you need to get through your day. Crafted to perfection, Moroccan Mint is a must for every tea lover.

Organic green tea with jasmine, organic peppermint

Caffeine Level

How To Steep
For the preparation of your new favorite tea, heat water to 195F and steep your desired amount of leaves for approximately 3-4 minutes. If you’re unsure of how many leaves to use, we recommend starting with 1 tbsp. In addition to the perfect amount of tea leaves, it’s important to control your tea’s temperature as water that is too hot may over extract the bolder components of the tea, making it taste bitter. Water that is too cold may not bring out the full aromas that our Moroccan Mint tea has to offer. As always, it's recommended that you mix honey or sugar as necessary to create the perfect cup of tea; and most importantly of all, enjoy!