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Stand up pouch with Hello Tea Orange Paradise Loose Leaf Tea
girl standing in kitchen next to the window drinking tea with closed eyes
Close-up picture of Hello Tea Orange Paradise Loose Leaf Tea
Stand up pouch with Hello Tea Orange Paradise Loose Leaf Tea




Have you ever heard that when you sleep, you have an angels' face? - Trust us - it's not just a compliment! In fact, while we sleep, our body starts the natural process of regeneration and renewal. A night of healthy 8-hour sleep is equal to three spa visits! However, some people have problems with sleep, even being very exhausted or in nervous tension for a long time. So how to overcome this vicious circle of "Stress - Insomnia - Chronic Fatigue"?

Nature itself prompted the answer to this question:

  • jasmine flowers contain soothing compounds that may help you relax and sleep for hours
  • lemongrass is effective against stress, depression, chronic fatigue
  • essential orange, lime, and tangerine oils relieve muscle, joint, menstrual pain, and headaches.
Ingredients (Organic Green Tea)

Organic green tea with jasmine, organic lemongrass, organic lemon myrtle, essential orange oil, natural rose flavor, essential lime, and tangerine oils

Caffeine Level

How To Steep
To brew your Orange Paradise wellness tea, warm your water to 180F. Use 1 tsp of tea leaves per every 8 ounces of water and steep leaves approximately 3 minutes for the first infusion and for 4 minutes for your second infusion. Add any type of honey or sugar to taste, and you’re ready to enjoy!


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